Support Mingei / Corporate Art Loan Program

The Corporate Art Loan Program is an exciting opportunity allowing businesses to display in their own office objects from the Museum’s unique collection of folk art, craft and design that spans centuries and represents cultures of 195 countries.
Mingei staff work closely with Corporate Art Loan Program members to assess artwork needs and preferences, determine appropriate exhibition locations and make curatorial recommendations for exhibition content. The Museum makes it a priority to showcase the aesthetic values and cultural interests of corporate and community partners with beautiful installations of objects, and works closely with each to develop a partnership that successfully works with company goals and budgets. Art can be chosen by culture, medium or by object type. Museum staff will help find the fit for your aesthetic, unique office space and audience.

For more information, contact Caroline Harwood, Senior Development Manager or (619) 704-7493.

Membership in the Corporate Art Loan Program includes the transportation, professional installation and insurance of all artwork. Before installation, Museum staff consults with members to determine aesthetic preferences and needs. Upon the annual renewal of a Program membership, office exhibitions are rotated to ensure a continuously stimulating and educational atmosphere.
Participation in Mingei’s Corporate Art Loan Program also benefits your company by providing employees free admission to the Museum in Balboa Park to enjoy its exhibitions. Your participation in the Corporate Art Loan Program directly supports the Museum’s ongoing exhibition schedule, educational opportunities and programs designed to support its mission of collecting, conserving and sharing mingei—‘art of the world, art of the people.’
Mingei International Museum preserves and exhibits folk art, craft and design from all eras and cultures of the world. Mingei celebrates human creativity, and the belief that everyday object and materials that often serve a useful purpose can also be objects of beauty.
Mingei has a collection of 24,000 objects of folk art, craft and design from 195 countries and is funded by admission, individuals, and community support, offering inspiring exhibitions and educational programs. Over 100,000 visitors enjoy the Museum each year.