This exhibition explores the evolution of contemporary Japanese ceramics through the work of many artists and a variety of forms, from tea bowls and noodle cups to stunning vases and robust platters.  Strong and sculptural, these ceramic pieces also reveal an earthy beauty through abstract forms, soft colors and pools of glaze.  These organic objects come from kilns throughout the regions of Japan, and their clear connection to nature will be enhanced with large scale photographs of Japanese landscapes and natural elements.

Collection Source: Collection of Gordon Brodfuehrer

from Martha E’s blog post, THE BLOOM IS ON THE DUTCHMAN’S PIPE
Oct 8, 12

Years ago my husband told me that the place nobody notices in a room is the ceiling.  Since he was a talented amateur decorator, I took him at his word, and made it a point from then on to look at every ceiling I encountered.  As a child of big cities, I’d always looked up at tall buildings, so ceilings were easy to add.  After this lifetime of looking up, I was rewarded the…