Quilts from the Pat L. Nickols Collection

This installation features eight charm quilts, a type of scrap quilt made with left-over or recycled fabrics. The goal of a charm quilt is to have no matching pieces of fabric, and quilters would trade with one another in order to gather unique samples. Charm quilts are constructed with templates of geometric shapes— triangles and hexagons being the most common— that are assembled into more elaborate compositions.

Celebrating the recent gift of 350 American quilts from local collectors Pat and Tom Nickols, this installation provides a second look at selections from this important donation to Mingei International Museum. Over the last 30 years, Pat L. Nickols has amassed a wondrous collection of mostly American quilts; a quilt and fabric historian, her knowledge of this important genre of American folk art is boundless. The collection comprises quilts made from the early 1800s to the 1950s, gathered from many parts of the United States and includes excellent examples of various quilting patterns and techniques.

NOTE – Quilt gallery is subject to intermittent closure for events. Please call 619.239.0003 the day of your planned visit to confirm the gallery is open and the quilts are on view.